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20 dic 2016

EFA Education offers English lessons with native speakers one-on-one to:
Practice speaking in real conversations, business English, for travelling or focus on grammar in formal classes. The choice is yours:
Conversations can be dynamic and fun, talking and learning about varied themes from Mexican history to pop culture, or whatever you wish.
Classes can be formal, working through all your queries about grammar, improving your vocabulary and really understanding the subjunctive.
Classes can be arranged anywhere -- a cafe, where you are staying, your office, or even a bar
Face 2 Face $399 per hour. Minimum required 1.5 hours per class. (2 people max. w/same level)
Information: http://efamexico.org/contacto-2/
Listed prices as of December 2016
* Restrictions apply. Limited area: Polanco, Anzures, Nápoles, Granada, Condesa, Roma, Reforma Centro, Cuauhtémoc, Del Valle Centro, Narvarte, Narvarte
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$ 400
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